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...taste Creta's food!

The Cretan cuisine differs from other cuisines because it does not try to shuffle the flavors, as though using
different materials to prepare daily food. Each material of them maintains its autonomy, maintains its identity and taste.
Nothing comes to mask the taste of the other.
One could say that all coexist harmoniously and ultimately reveal the delicate balances that characterize the cuisine of Crete .

What counts in Cretan Cooking is fantasy. The Cretan can eat every day greens or legumes, but almost never eats the same food.
He finds a way to bring new qualities of materials and different flavors.
This is one of the main features of the kitchen all Greek regions in Crete is perhaps more pronounced due to the variety of materials used ...

Historically, looking back to the roots of Cretan cuisine from antiquity to modern times will not find any substantial changes after few materials have been added to those used by the prehistoric inhabitants of the island.

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